Overview of Chapter Four
Major Edward Jessup

The Jessup brothers were successful New York businessmen who prospered at milling and land speculating. When they endured heavy financial losses at the hands of Patriot Committees of Safety, they headed north to Canada determined to gain army commissions and return to fight on behalf of the British. After much persistence they achieved rank and acquitted themselves well in engagements near Lake Champlain. Major Edward Jessup eventually settled the Canadian town of Prescott on the St. Lawrence River across from Ogdensburg, New York.


Major Edward Jessup began his career as an New York entrepreneur in the Hudson Valley and his businesses flourished until they were destroyed by the Revolutionary War. He was present to witness the spectacle of General John Burgoyne’s British forces surrender at Saratoga.

His future in his home colony in peril, Jessup resolved to live in Canada in exile and did so successfully until 1816, when he succumbed to palsy in Prescott on the St. Lawrence River. His like-minded son and grandson defended the Crown in the War of 1812 and the Upper Canada Rebellion, respectfully.